Announcing the MyMachine Norway Exhibition 2021

If you are in or near Norway, we invite you to visit the MyMachine Norway 2021 exposition of dream machines! This “please do touch”-exhibition allows you to discover dream machines co-created by students in primary, secondary and higher education in Norway.

You will be able to discover gems like a.o. the LOL-Surprise-Massage-Machine, the Stand-Up-The-Lux-Machine, The Toy Machine, and The Pillow War Machine. While engaging in the ideation, design and building of these dream machines, all students learned that having ideas is essential and how to bring any idea to life: by collaborating, respecting each other’s talents, and being persistent and resilient. This authentic learning process connects the real world to the classroom, bringing purpose to their education, showing them why and how the things they learn in class matter, how they can use them in real life.

The exposition is on display at the fabulous Kilden Theatre & Concert Hall in Kristiansand, Norway. It is on display on Friday, September 3rd and Saturday, September 4th. We hope to see you there!

Thank you so much to all students and educators that participated in MyMachine Norway in 2020-2021. Thank you to Idunn Sem (MyMachine Norway Coordinator) and her team for making MyMachine shine in Norway. 

All practical info here (Norwegian).