MyMachine Mexico in the news

MyMachine Chihuahua, Mexico has delivered their first Dream Machines! The very first cycle took place in school year 2021-2022. The results and the feedback are excellent, as Edgar Gamíz (6 years) testifies: “I was very excited to see that the machine I dreamed of could be designed and presented for more people to see. Many thanks to everyone who helped make my dream machine come true.”

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El Diario Mexico published an article on this exhibition event that celebrated the results of this very first MyMachine Cycle by MyMachine Chihuahua. The article brings a.o. the story of the Dream Machine Geodesico, imagined by Emilia Molinar, an 11-year-old student from Tlacaelel primary school. This Dream Machine will allow anyone to travel to other dimensions and stay out of the daily routine at times when they want to escape to new places using projections on the inside of a capsule. 

Emilia: “Thank you for including me in this project. I dreamed of a desired reality machine for many people who, like me, dream of escaping from reality for a while, and this would not be possible without all the support I received and that my colleagues received, also dreamers, and I would like to invite more boys and girls to dream as I did”.

El Diario Mexico is an independent newspaper (founded in 1976) that publishes a daily circulation of more than 200 thousand copies in Mexico and El Paso (USA).

Read the full article here (Spanish).