MyMachine Liège (Belgium) — New Concepts in the making

This is how it looks like when grown-ups take the ideas of children seriously! University students, university professors, and industry professionals all come together to discuss the vast potential of all these profound ideas for new Dream Machines.

University Students from HELMo – Gramme and HEPL – Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège testified how the ideation went down in the primary classes they visited to work with their ‘clients’. As a result of this creativity boost, a huge pile of new Dream Machines was invented by the participating children. And that’s when Step 2 of the MyMachine methodology kicks off. This is the moment the university students start elaborating Concepts for those ideas. They made some first sketches of potential Concepts. These were examined and discussed on their potential. Such a session at the beginning of Step 2 helps university students to aim high and boost their confidence that they are on the right path.

We can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! And to hear about how they experience this journey!

Thank you so much to all students and professors involved, to all industry experts, and to our amazing MyMachine Liège team at Bassemeuse-Développement!