The vibrant city of Liège (Belgium, Europe) provided the vibrant space for a vibrant celebration party of vibrant students, educators and sponsoring companies! Yes, that’s a lot of ‘vibrant’!

Obviously, the child-inventors know the Dream Machine they’ve been working on with their team. But then they get to discover the work of all the other teams! An amazing experience! The primary students of the Royal Princess Elisabeth Athenée, the Ecole Fondamentale Saint-Lambert 2 et l’École communale de Richelle the School of Bac de Fléron, the Athénée Royal de Hannut – enseignement secondaire et fondamental were finally able to test the working prototypes of their inventions! From a Robotic Alarm Clock to the Asian Hornet Spanking Machine!

Congratulations to the secondary students of the schools Athénée Royal Princesse Elisabeth Saint-Lambert College, Centre Scolaire Sainte-Julienne Fléron Royal Athénée de Hannut, the Saint-Joseph de Visé Institute for making machines! Congratulations to the students of HEPL – Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège and HELMo – Gramme who made the creation of prototypes possible thanks to their original designs and expertise.

Thank you to all students and educators involved and to our amazing MyMachine Liège team at Basse-Meuse développement!