MyMachine Liège exhibition! Part 2!

In June, all involved students visited the MyMachine Liège exhibition (Belgium), showcasing the drawings, and of course the working prototypes of the elaborated dream machines.

But what a thrill, as they were now able to visit the exhibition for a second time. This time round it was part of SAMS – Salon Des Métiers de L’Industrie, a fast growing Industry Trades Fair in Liège. The fair was visited by the broad public and professionals from industry, government and education. There were over two thousand visitors and several ministers.

MyMachine Liège had the privilege to welcome Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy (who has been in space for 304 days) who signed one of the dream machines. He discussed the importance of STEAM education with two university students that joined MyMachine Liège in their first cycle.

And of course there were a lot of enthusiastic students (Primary, Secondary and Higher Education) discovering again the working prototypes of their Dream Machines. A short video tells more than a thousands words:

Thank you so much to all our team at MyMachine Liège, and all participating educators and students!