MyMachine is growing to Spain!

It is with tremendous pleasure that we announce today that MyMachine is growing again: welcome MyMachine Catalonia! We are proud and thrilled to partner with Fundació Tr@ms in Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona!

Fundació Tr@ms is a non-profit grouping together schools that set out to make innovation an element of each school’s identity. In total they represent -as we speak- 26 schools with over 2,000 teachers and over 20,000 students, all located in Catalonia. Through this platform, the schools exchange expertise and knowhow on education-innovation. MyMachine fits right in there.

Raquel Fernandez, Head of International Projects: “Fundació Tr@ms is proud to be part of MyMachine Global by introducing it in the Catalonia region (Spain). Our goal is to help schools develop in their transforming process so that they are innovative and prepared for future needs. We believe that by being part of this global movement we are going to help our students to be more creative, proactive, and we will boost the change-maker role in society. We are sure that MyMachine Catalonia will be a real turning point in educational methodologies.”


Fundacio Tr@ms received the licence for Catalonia, with an option to grow it to all of Spain. Catalonia is in the North-East of Spain and consists of four provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. The capital and largest city, Barcelona is the second-most populated city in Spain and the fifth-most populous urban area in the European Union.

We are honoured to have Fundació Tr@ms as our partner. In the past months, we have been able to get to learn about their vision, strategy and strengths. We have learned about their engagement on improving education, how they have an open view towards regional, national and global alliances for sharing of expertise and knowhow. They collaboratively work on implementing these innovative and empowering insights and methodologies in the aligned schools, for the benefit of their students.

We are excited to start MyMachine in Spain, and Catalonia is a great place to start, with their rich history of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. We know for sure, that we will learn from the expertise of Fondacio Tr@ms. They are keen to launch their first MyMachine cycle this September, for the new school year 2021-2022. We are anxious to learn about the first dream machine ideas coming from Catalonia!