MyMachine Flanders & Brussels (Belgium) Work In Progress in 2 cities

For the last couple of years, December is marked to be a very special month in Belgium. It’s the almost-end-of-part-2 of MyMachine. Since the day the university students have been to the elementary school classroom, a lot has happened.

The university student knew what dream machine they needed to design. They had to deliver different possible concepts derived from the same question of the elementary school customer. A couple of weeks ago there was a stakeholders-pitch-meeting in Brussels. That’s when the different stakeholders all together decided which of the concepts was going to be taken on to elaborate.

In between the university students blog on the MyMachine website about their work. The children in the elementary classroom follow what’s going on and are invited to give feedback.

For the first time in the history of MyMachine Flanders & Brussels (Belgium) there’s two Work-In-Progress events: the first one was today in the city of Kortrijk. 400 children of the participating elementary schools from the three provinces and Brussels came to the Industrial Product Design campus at HOWEST University of Applied Sciences. They could not just discover a small scale-model of their own invention, but also see for the first time the inventions done by the other classrooms in the other schools in the other cities.

At this Work-In-Progress the elementary school children again give feedback on the design and the proof-of-concept. After today, the university students will take away this feedback for some very last modifications before handing it over to the technical secondary schools.

Thursday will mark Work-In-Progress part two: this will take place in the city of Hasselt, where the elementary school children from the two other provinces will visit the campus of PXL University of Applied Sciences.