MyMachine featured in Washington-based Childhood Education International

Childhood Education International (CE International) is an international development organization focused on developing and amplifying solutions that lead to positive change in children’s learning and lives.

CE International’s work began in 1892 with the effort to promote kindergarten education in the United States and internationally. Since the very beginning, they have been an international organization driven by the belief that education is essential to human development and to fulfilling human rights. More than a century later, this core belief remains the same and is reflected in their commitment to advancing education as a tool for global development and sustainable futures for all.

Based out of Washington (USA),CE International’s global reach includes professionals from all walks of life, all committed to providing access to a quality education for every child.

We are delighted, proud and humbled that Anne Bauer interviewed our Co-Founder and Managing Director Piet Grymonprez, to talk about our work with MyMachine.
This interview is now featured in their latest edition of the magazine: follow this link to the article!