MyMachine South Africa is leaning on the shoulders of a powerful collaboration of The Initiative Of Community Advancement (founded by Jeremy Maarman) and Open Design Afrika (founded by Suné Stassen).

We’re proud to share that Suné is featured at ICAS, the International Conference on the Advancement of STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Suné shares a powerful message on the importance of creative intelligence! A superpower we all have as a child, but one that most of us lose as we grow up, or get educated out of it. Which is hurtful, since creativity, entrepreneurship, and design-thinking, are key skills young minds need to foster to elevate our society’s future; a humanity in balance with our planet.

Thank you Suné for your powerful message and for including MyMachine!
Here’s the talk:

About ICAS:

Seoung-Hey Paik, President, International Society for the Advancement of STEAM: “ICAS takes the lead in international and academic exchanges for the development of future convergence education. The Power of Making. The 2023 edition focusses on innovative design based education practises. This interdisciplinary event aims to explore the transformative impact of integrating design-based approaches into education, with a specific focus on the profound influence of hands-on, experiential learning.”