MyMachine Belgium Bootcamp for teachers

Here are some of the teachers who will guide their inventors and makers through the MyMachine process, starting next week.
During the bootcamps in Howest University (Kortrijk) and PXL University (Hasselt) the teams from higher, lower and secondary got to know each other. The higher education students took all of them on a tour guide on campus.

Afterwards everyone accepted the challenge to ‘make’ a magic machine. Teacher’s cap off, design hat on: first step is to make it, then reflect and optimise and a special focus on keeping that voice in your head quiet: ‘I can not do this, I’m not prepared, I’m not creative;’
And that’s how they took the leap to the MyMachine mindset: taking all ideas for serious, not being afraid of the bank sheet of paper, trying something that nobody has done before, working together and learning from each other, everyone can make it!

There was no lack of enthusiasm, inventiveness and team spirit.
We are ready for a new MyMachine adventure!