MyMachine Co-Founder Piet Grymonprez is panelist at the Amity University Entrepreneurship Round Table conference this Saturday 10th April (11 AM IST). Addressing young entrepreneurs in India, the panel will tackle topics like

  • what are the key challenges in entrepreneurship in the emerging economies?
  • what are the key aspects of a successful entrepreneur ?
  • how has the history of industrialization helped economics and entrepreneurship? 

The Amity University was founded in 2005 and has over 150 000 students in over 14 global campuses across the India, US, UK, Singapore, Mauritius, China, Romania & Dubai.

The Round Table Conference Panelists include Shubika Bilkha: Founding partner, EDPOWER-U, Dr. Kushal Sanghvi: India lead at Integral Ad Science, Director-Appriffy Digital IT Hub and Vice Chairman, I-COM global, Kirti Poonia: CEO, Okhai, Ninad Karpe: Director on the Board of Aptech, Partner at 100X.VC and Dr. A.K. Suryavanshi: Director, Amity Business School Mumbai.