Join with your class:

MyMachine DreamsDrop: we are inviting every primary classroom around the world to join!

Are you a teacher in primary school and want to join? It’s really easy:
  • have the children in the primary class invent and draw their Dream Machine(s) using our template (to make drawings); use our guidelines to organise this one to two hour session in the classroom;
  • upload the drawings to our World Map of ideas before 28 February 2021 (it takes about 3 minutes per drawing to upload);
  • you as a teacher will receive via mail a personalised MyMachine Inventors Diploma for each uploaded idea.

Selection of Ideas:

In March 2021 we will pick a limited amount of ideas (from each continent if possible). University students (product designers) in Belgium (Howest University) and Mexico (Monterrey Tech) will bring those selected ideas to life. If an idea from your class gets chosen, then:

  • you will be notified personally;
  • with your class you will be able to see pictures and/or videos from both work-in-progress as from the final result: a proof-of-concept made by the university students!

If a Dream Machine Idea from your class gets selected

then we expect you to show the university students’ results (photos, videos) to the students in your class and send us back some (smartphone-) pictures (and videos) showing how your students respond to the proof-of-concept.

Want to join? 

All details here:, including as well our template (to make drawings; you can use this but don’t have to) and (the must-read-3 pager-) guidelines (to organise the one to two hour session in the classroom).

If an idea from your classroom gets chosen, then you’ll be notified personally.

What the students will learn:

The students involved will learn that having ideas is fun and important, and what it takes to bring an idea to life. That you can do this by collaborating, respecting each other’s talents, and by being persistent and resilient.

These skills will equip them to use their imagination and entrepreneurial spirit in their future personal and professional lives. No matter the scope they want to engage in (personal, local, national, global), it all starts with having confidence in your own ideas and knowing that you can actually bring any idea to life. That is why we take their ideas seriously. And that is how they learn that the world is malleable. And that they can also contribute to society, rather then just being a consumer of it.

Here’s an example of our previous campaign: 

See the Product Design Students at HOWEST University in Belgium working on the MyMachine DreamsDrop ideas:

See the University students presenting the final result: a working proof-of-concept:

All 15 elaborated ideas from our previous campaign:

Take a look at all the results from last year’s campaign, when ideas were selected from schools in Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, Mozambique and India: MyMachine DreamsDrop Campaign 2020. Click on each marker to see pictures and videos!

Very much looking forward to welcome the dream machine ideas from your classroom to our world-map!