HundrED and the LEGO Foundation select MyMachine as part of their 20 best on the planet in Creativity

We are very proud to share that MyMachine has been selected by HundrED and the LEGO Foundation for their Global Spotlight on Creativity.

Chris Petrie, Director Research at HundrED: “there was quite a lengthy selection process from the +250 innovations that were considered. This involved reviews from 40 HundrED Academy Members (educators, leaders, academics from all over the world), 4 Creativity experts from LEGO and the HundrED team”. 

This Global Spotlight on Creativity selection is yet again a global recognition giving an important push for all of the MyMachine team members worldwide to continue to grow our impact on students, teachers, professors and businesses and organisations.

John Goodwin, CEO LEGO Foundation: “these innovations exemplify good practice to foster creativity– from whole school approaches, to design thinking, to teacher training. We want to share these inspiring innovations and principles with policymakers, educators, and parents from around the world. My hope is that we can take these inspiring examples, and work together to ensure that all children can become creative, engaged, lifelong learners.

Finland is a country that gets a lot of international recognition for having one of the world’s best educational systems. Here’s an article by Smithsonian Mag explaining why. This is how the World Economic Forum explains the succes of Finland. Finland now pointing the attention towards MyMachine, makes it an amazing recognition of our endeavour.

Saku Tuominen, Chairman & Creative Director of HundrED: “HundrED in partnership with The LEGO Foundation released this Spotlight Report on Creativity to help answer the question: how can we effectively nurture creativity in education? The results of the report shows there is no shortage of practices and solutions currently being implemented in many parts of the world that are both impactful and scalable. It is our hope to inspire more education systems to adopt creativity as a critical component of students’ learning and development process.