One dream machine from this year’s run in MyMachine Slovakia has been completed! We proudly introduce you to MyMachine MiniGames. The first computer game that was created in MyMachine Slovakia.

The MiniGames were based on ideas from children from Hroncova primary school in Košice. The production of the MiniGames was done by students of FEIT – Fakulta elektrotechniky a informačných technológií, UNIZA University and technical secondary students of the Digitálna Maľba-Koncept Art, ŠUP Košice.

Through the introductory balloons of happiness you can choose one of three mini-games: a water car, an intelligent intersection or an untypical animal.

This great video takes you into that wonderful classroom moment:

Now you and your kids can download the game, you can find it in the Our Inventions section on

Scroll down to MyMachine Hra and press Stiahnut’ hru to start downloading. Enjoy!

Because of the government measurements concerning covid-19, MyMachine Slovakia had to postpone their Grand Exhibition showing all elaborated dream machines. Dependent on how things will evolve, the exhibition is planned for later this year. But luckily these schools and students were able to finish their work. So the working prototype could be delivered today. In stead of going to the exhibition, this finished working prototype went directly to the primary school where the child-inventors could test the final result.

A big thank you to all students and educators involved for being so persistent and resilient in these peculiar times! Well done!