emJoy Conference 2021 with keynote by MyMachine

EmJoy Education is a non-profit organization that connects teachers worldwide to help each other Embrace Joy in Education !

It was founded by Dimitra Spyratou (Greece), Dr. Kalypso Filippou (Cyprus), Andrea Magee (Northern Ireland) and Matina Kallivoka (Greece). They aim to empower the community of teachers and their feeling of belonging, while bringing them the support and inspiration they so much need.

To spotlight this ever so important mission, this year’s Joyful Festival of Education is bringing talks within the theme: Reflect- Recharge- Restart on Saturday 16th October and Sunday 17th October 2021 via Zoom. Two-days full of inspiring speeches and practical workshops in a supportive and positive environment!
We are proud to share that MyMachine will be hosting a keynote at this conference! Our Co-Founder & Managing Director Piet Grymonprez will be addressing a talk alongside Effie Bachtsevana (Music teacher, author, global educationist), Elena Polyviou (“Voice Up”: Empowering teenagers through drama and theatre), Irini Ioannou (Finding your inner voice), Sevcan Hakyemez-Paul (‘Building a bridge between home and kindergarten), Joel Josephson (A Flock of Jellybirds), and others.
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We hope to see you there!