Building our Dream Machine showed me the importance of reading and writing

“At our elementary school, we try to give our students every opportunity to grow academically and socially-emotionally. Children with autism spectrum disorder and behavioural problems need a safe learning environment to grow and break through the resistance to school work. Learning to work together with different age groups, discovering their talents and coming into contact with students of higher and secondary education were a great added value for our students during MyMachine.

The visits to the university and the technical secondary school gave our students a view of the world that was entirely new for them. For example, it was an eye-opener for D. that his ideas were actually being used to design an actual Dream Machine. And L. wanted to become better at reading and writing because she wanted to become an inventor. Will she? No idea. But her enthusiasm and his pride give the process, going from idea to Dream Machine, that extra dimension.”

Britt Cras, teacher primary school De Sassepoort in Gent, Belgium.

This testimony is yet another proof of the importance of Project Based Learning, both for 21st Century Skills as for academic skills. Students in Project-Based Learning classrooms significantly outperform students in typical classrooms (scoring up to 28 percentage points higher) according to four studies released by Lucas Education Research, a division of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, and researchers from five major universities. READ MORE HERE.

The students of Britt’s class dreamed of a Force Room that could give them different powers when needed. The result is a helmet as a personal power chamber in which they can isolate themselves for a while and recharge with music of their choice. The adjustable light colours, screens and glasses can give them peace of mind, strength or self-confidence and a unique look.

Thank you so much for this amazing feedback.