Brand new Dream Machines invented in MyMachine Mexico

We’re so excited that the second edition of MyMachine Mexico has officially kicked off! After the children in primary classes invented their dream machines, our MyMachine Mexico team organised a launch event to celebrate their creativity and entrepreneurial spirits. In this year’s round, students across elementary schools, universities and vocational/technical secondary schools will collaborate in building 4 Dream Machines:

  • Clara, a robot nanny who can give love
  • Robo Max, an emotional support robot for young people
  • DinoMaker, a dinosaur creator and encyclopedia
  • MaCruz, a time machine to escape natural disasters

Hector is a secondaty student preparing to be an electromechanical technician at Cenaltec: “All four seem very interesting to me. The important thing about the children contributing ideas is that they are not restraint. For them everything is possible”.

“While some might not believe it’s possible to build these Dream Machines, with MyMachine we show all involved that their ideas matter and can become a reality”, says Jesús Valenzuela, from Fundación Paso del Norte.

The results of this second MyMachine Mexico Cycle will be shown by the end of December.

Here’s a comprehensive newspaper article about this opening event (Spanish) from Plan Estratégico de Juárez.

MyMachine Chihuahua is powered by Fundación Paso del Norte (Fundación Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar). This year, they will have the support of Desafío Juárez, Universidad Tecnologica de Ciudad Juarez (UTCJ-Unitec), La Rodadora, Center for Innovation and Integration of Advanced Technologies Cd. Juarez, Funax, UACJ and Cenaltec Juarez.

Thank you so much to all students and educators involved! Thank you to all our partners and sponsors and our amazing MyMachine Chihuahua team!