97,1% of the students agree

While lots of precious impact is often unmeasurable, we still regularly involve our stakeholders in surveys. MyMachine Flanders & Brussels (Belgium), has recently conducted a survey with the participating university students.

100% of the university students participated, coming from different faculties like Digital Arts & Entertainment, Industrial Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, Teacher Training, Communication Sciences, and Occupational Therapy.

These are the astounding results:

—— Question | %Totally Agree%Totally Agree + Agree ——

Participating in MyMachine

  • taught me to appreciate (even ‘crazy’) ideas and not to immediately boycott them by dismissing them as ‘impossible’. 
    • 97,1% 100%
  • taught me how to grasp ideas and bring them to life (by being agile, resilient, working together and respecting each other’s talents).
    • 94,1% 100%
  • has strengthened my confidence in my own ideas.
    • 85,3 97%
  • has given me a context where I can use and strengthen my academic skills (what I learned in my training). 
    • 73,5 94%

We are genuinely humbled by these results.
Thank you so much to all students and professors at Howest University and PXL University, and our dedicated team at MyMachine Flanders & Brussels.