Creativity going global. We are thrilled to share that our DreamsDrop Campaign 2021 has given over 500 children the opportunity to invent and upload their dream machine drawings to our world-map of ideas. Children from all continents have joined and they are from 21 countries:
Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique
India, Vietnam, Turkey, Armenia
Australia, New Zealand
Cyprus, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland
Canada, Usa, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia.

Those hundreds and hundreds of ideas go along the spectrum of fun, solving a personal problem, to create a solution for their community and others for a global issue.  That is the true power of our open-ended approach. Here are some amazing examples:

We will be making a selection of 40 dream machine ideas (balancing gender, age, countries, continents). The next step is that 100 industrial product design students in Belgium will translate 25 dream machines into a proof-of-concept and 30 design students in Mexico will translate 15 dream machines.

Thank you so much to our esteemed partners:

  • School of Industrial Product Design at Howest University Of Applied Sciences (Belgium) and
  • School of Design at Technológico de Monterrey Escuela de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño (Mexico).

The university students will be able to show you their results by the end of May. We are very much looking froward to it.

Find our world-map of ideas here: