3 years of hard work, 21 co-writers from 9 countries and a foreword by Sir Ken Robinson

MyMachine is all about a special collaboration between students of primary, higher and secondary education, creating the dream machines invented by the primary school students. So to be honest, we know a little something about creating special collaborations.

But this one however was new to us. And what a marvel. We are really proud to present to you this book: What Is Your Dream Machine? How Children Change Education Worldwide.

The book is the result of 3 years of hard work by 21 people that have co-written it. It brings the story of MyMachine from an insiders perspective, with testimonies by our heroes: the different MyMachine Chapters that are running today around the globe and the stories of some of our alumni, teachers, professors and business partners.

In addition, it also contains the perspective of these renowned experts, how they look at MyMachine and how they think MyMachine is making a contribution:

  • Amy Kamarainen — Harvard University,
  • Angela Haydel Debarger — William & Flora Hewlett Foundation,
  • Christina Smiraglia — Harvard University,
  • Edward P. Clapp — Harvard University,
  • Hank Nourse — The New York Academy of Sciences, and
  • Peter Gamwell — Author and Creativity Expert.

And it is with great pride that we add to this list, Sir Ken Robinson who has written a foreword to our book in which he writes: “we need inspirational, practical examples of the vitality of creativity, the dynamics of collaboration and the power of possibility. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this inspiring account of the work of MyMachine”.

Thank you to all these people who have all done this for free. It makes us exhilarating!



The book is now worldwide available for order (ISBN 978-0-36-835927-9) via your local bookshop and online through various online book shops, including amongst others:

and also as e-book: Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, Mac and PC computers.



Read the foreword by Sir Ken Robinson or listen (audiobook) to the foreword by Sir Ken Robinson and find out all details about this book here: mymachine-global.org/what-is-your-dream-machine-the-book.


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