2nd Inauguration of completed Dream Machines in MyMachine Slovakia

“Our participation in MyMachine strengthened our relationships”, Technical/Vocational High School students Filip, Jakub and Kristof.

10-year old Janko: “It’s great to bring something to life that once was only on paper”.

April 21st, the annual World Creativity and Innovation Day doubled as the day of MyMachine Slovakia Prešov Expo. After the inauguration of the ‘Karts Cleaning’ in Trnava in early April, this time, four Dream Machines were inaugurated. These are all created thanks to the cooperation of children from primary schools with university students and high school students from the Prešov and Košice region.
After two years of government regulations, we are delighted that we have been able to pass on the inventions that the children invented just before and during these times.

The exhibition was held under the auspices of the chairman of the Prešov self-governing region Milian Majerský at the United School Ľ. Podjavorinská in Prešov.
Folk music, played by students at the United School of Ľ.Podjavorinskej, welcomed the Child-Inventors from primary schools in Bystrany, Svidník, Šarišské Bohdanovce and on Lermonotova Street in Košice.

Dream Machine: The Acoustic House

Janík from the Primary School in Bystrany dreamed of a shelter to be alone and in silence. University students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Košice prepared the concept. They designed a house in the shape of a pyramid, soundproofed with acoustic foam. The lighting in the shelter works on solar energy. Meditation music completes the atmosphere. Children can draw on the house walls, stick magnets or stickers on them.
“We see teamwork, bringing new solutions and dealing with new materials that we have not known before as the biggest benefits of joining MyMachine,” says high school students Šimon, Martin and Roland. They highly recommend their peers to participate in MyMachine.

Dream Machine Placement tank

In his original design of 10-year-old Marek from the Primary School in Šarišské Bohdanovce, a small tank shoots cutlery directly on the table. However, the university students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Arts at TUKE prepared a tank design that would bring the cutlery.
The secondary school students from the United School Ľ. Podjavorinská in Prešov, were worried at first. Yet, they succeeded in successfully building the tank after many attempts. High school students Filip, Jakub and Kristof: “These attempts taught us a lot and got us to a successful solution. Our participation in MyMachine strengthened our relationships. We supported each other, and we also had the support of experts and university students”.
They enjoyed seeing the joy in the eyes of the children who could try out the placement tank at the event. “It’s great to see live something that was only on paper,” says 10-year-old Janko.

Dream Machine: Kitten feeder

11-year-old Slávka has two cats at home, which are always hungry, and she thought it would be great to make an automatic feeder for them. University students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE prepared it according to her design. The top of the feeder is in the shape of a cat’s head, and the food reaches the cat through water slides with various obstacles. High school students from the Secondary Vocational School of Polytechnic and Service arm. gen. L. Svoboda from Svidník made the prototype with outstanding commitment. They added luminous eyes and a meowing sound when adding a feed to the hopper. The children appreciated the functionality and design: “I like that it is not just an ordinary ball, but it has water slides and various elements,” said 11-year-old Radko from the Primary School on Karpatská Street in Svidník.

Dream Machine: O.P.O.N.A. (Teleportation)

Children from the Primary School on Lermontova Street in Košice dreamed of teleportation that would allow them to move to a place faster, for example, in the school canteen.
The students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE Matúš Hančikovský and Tomáš Adam delivered a very creative concept with an amusing story for their solution: “We came up with a way to bend the laws of physics so that we could move anyone to an alternative dimension. However, the technological solution by which we can move any matter is kept confidential to safeguard the security of civilization. That is why they decided to convey to the children at least a feeling, an experience of wandering in space. Several mysterious things are going on during teleportation, one of which is that the speed of light is significantly reduced, so you can see the light trails. We simulate this effect using a phosphorescent colour’s classic black ultraviolet light. That’s why we designed a space where children can try drawing with light”.