Big Friends of MyMachine

Big Friends of MyMachine

(Small Dreams,) Big Friends of MyMachine is an international community of forward-thinking, impact-driven individuals, companies and philanthropists who are committed to the idea that every child should have the opportunity to attain an excellent education that brings joy and wonder into learning and meaning to their education.
These advocates believe that our global welfare depends on giving meaning to education by bringing back joy and wonder to learning. They signal their conviction in the power of the MyMachine model to cultivate creativity, talent development, STE(A)M skills and 21st-century skills necessary for educational change, and in the power of a global network for accelerating progress, with commitments of $5,000 or more to MyMachine.
The Big Friends of MyMachine enable us to support our chapters in many countries as our partners seek to grow a powerful force of creative, talented and passionate students in their nations. (Small Dreams,) Big Friends of MyMachine provides critical resources and inspires further philanthropy in education.

Engagement in Big Friends of MyMachine

MyMachine is eager to provide members of (Small Dreams,) Big Friends of MyMachine with opportunities to learn more about our efforts, engage with the network, and see the impact of their investment firsthand.
Being a part of this community provides these supporters with various opportunities including:
  • invitations to MyMachine’s Global Conferences and Exhibitions
  • personal updates on MyMachine’s efforts around the world
  • hosted visits to the national running MyMachine Cycles around the world when visiting particular countries
  • the opportunity to be part of the global MyMachine makers movement.
MyMachine is hopeful you’ll become a part of our global community. To learn more and get involved, please contact

Every Gift Makes A Difference

Your support is a general grant to the MyMachine Global Foundation.
But just to give you an idea how any contribution makes a difference: