their potential.

3 billion students worldwide

want to grow to

Creating Global Impact

Total Indirect Impact on People: > over 780 000

Total Direct Impact on People: > over 8 000

> over 8 000 Students, Teachers & Professors participating

> over 140 working prototypes created

Effecting 3 billion students worldwide.

304 articles & documentaries in printmedia and tv-broadcasting worldwide

62 events in 19 countries worldwide leveraging to > over 131 000 people

We have been asked by the organising committee who paid for all expenses to make this possible:

Community Foundations of Canada Conference, Montreal,Canada (November 2008)

World Creativity Forum, Antwerp, Belgium (May 2009)

Interreg NorthSea Conference, Stavanger, Norway (June 2009)

United Nations World Summit, Monterrey, Mexico (September 2009)

Designmanagement Europe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (October 2009)

Community Foundation Network Conference, Nottingham, UK (October 2009)

Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations, Paris, France (October 2010)

European Creative City Challenge Conference, Kortrijk, Belgium (November 2010)

Designweek Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico (video) (February 2011)

URBACT Creative Clusters Conference, Obidos, Portugal (June 2011)

TEDxYouth, Brussels, Belgium (October 2011)

CEDEFOP study visits, Brussels, Belgium  (October 2011)

Brussels Innova Fair, Brussels, Belgium (November 2011)

Vrtec Trnovo, Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2011)

Community Foundations & Youth Civic Engagement, Cluj-Napoça, Romania (November 2011)

C.H.O.Q. de la Wallonie Picardie, Tournai, Belgium (November 2011)

Bureau de l’Eurometropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, Lille, France (November 2011)

CEDEFOP study visits, Brussels, Belgium  (January 2012)

Bridging Entrepreneurship In Higher Education, Kaunas, Lithuania (March 2013)

Creativity World Forum, Reverse Mission, Kortrijk, Belgium (September 2013)

Europadage organised by the Region Midtjylland, Horsens, Denmark (January 2014)

SiS Catalyst PPI Conference, Ghent, Belgium (March 2014)

OCWC Global Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia (April 2014)

Conference organised by the National School of Leadership in Education, Portoroz, Slovenia  (April 2014)

SIRikt 2014 International Conference, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia (April 2014)

ACM Competition in Computer Science and Information Technology, Ljubljana, Slovenia (April 2014)

Prijs Focus Aarde by Queen Paola Foundation, Brussels, Belgium (October 2014)

Professional meeting of the principles of all Slovenian headmasters of Kindergartens, Ljubljana, Slovenia (October 2014)

Creativity World Forum VIP Opening Event, Kortrijk, Belgium (November 2014)

Professional meeting of the principles of all Slovenian headmasters of Primary schools, Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2014)

Professional meeting of the principles of all Slovenian headmasters of Middle schools, Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2014)

Online-Educa Global Conference, Berlin, Germany (December 2014)

Economie Créative, Mons, Belgium (December 2014)

Ministry of Education and Science, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (January 2015)

Rotary Club Midwest City, Midwest, USA (March 2015)

Creativity World Forum 2015, Oklahoma City, USA (March 2015)

Stakeholders Event, Rose State College, Oklahoma City, USA (April 2015)

Open Education Global Conference 2015, Banff, Canada (April 2015)

Opening Event, MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition 2015 at the MAO, Ljubljana, Slovenia (June 2015)

Opening Event, MyMachine Belgium Exhibition 2015, Kortrijk, Belgium (June 2015)

Opening Event, MyMachine Portugal Exhibition 2015, Óbidos, Portugal (July 2015)

Internet of Education Conference 2015, Sarajevo, Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina (September 2015)

FLIC-From Local to International Cooperation, Ericeira, Portugal (November 2015)

Agoria Annual Assemblies International Business Clubs 2015, Brussels, Belgium (December 2015)

Carpathian Foundation Staff Meeting, Kosice, Slovakia (April 2016)

Opening Event, MyMachine Oklahoma Grand Exposition 2016 on Film Row, Oklahoma City, USA (May 2016)

A Escola Sem Muros – Inter e Transdisciplinaridade, Almada, Portugal (July 2016)

Rethinking India Conference at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, India (June 2016)

Virgin Disruptors – People Creating Change, London, UK (October 2016)

University of Zagreb – Hrvatska Consortium, Zagreb, Croatia (November 2016)

Erasmus+ Meeting Obidos Partnership, Genova, Switserland (March 2017)

Kuca – Paca Night, Prešov, Slovakia (May 2017)

Greenville Chamber Of Commerce Event at Greenville County, Greenville South Carolina, USA (May 2017)

NEXT High School Education Innovation, Wade Hampton, USA (May 2017)

EPIC – Capacities of Youth Workers, Rajecké Teplice, Slovakia (May 2017)

International Cartoon Festival on Inventions, Knokke, Belgium (July-August 2017)

2nd UNESCO OER Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia (September 2017)

Agoria International Business Development Gala, Antwerp, Belgium (October 2017)

Reimagine Education, Philadelphia, USA (December 2017)

Top West-Vlamingen, Brussels, Belgium (December 2017)

Factory of the Future Award Show, Antwerp, Belgium (February 2018)

Portuguese Creativo Network, Kortrijk, Belgium (March 2018)

Going Global, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (April 2018)

Workshop with Presidency High School in India, Ljubljana, Slovenia (July 2018)

Vanhalst 50, Wevelgem, Belgium (August 2018)

Network Meeting on the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT CFT) Harnessing Open Educational Resources (OER), Hammamet, Tunisia (September 2018)

Creative Playground, Kosice, Slovakia (October 2018)

Prototyping 2018, Kortrijk, Belgium (November 2018)

Alentejo Criativo – IP Beja, Beja, Portugal (December 2018)

    1. MyMachine Flanders & Brussels, Belgium

    1. MyMachine Wallonie Picardie, Belgium

    1. MyMachine Western Cape, South Africa

    1. MyMachine Slovenia

    1. MyMachine Portugal

    1. MyMachine Lille, France

    1. MyMachine Oklahoma, USA

    1. MyMachine Slovakia

  1. MyMachine Norway

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